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China’s Sports Administration has apparently banned athletes from eating pork. This follows an athlete revealing that lean meat powder was found in pork exclusive for athletes preparing for the London Olympics. The latest food safety issue has attracted another wave of outcry from netizens.

In the latest food safety concern, the Chinese Sports Administration has banned athletes from eating pork—for fear they might fail drug tests.

The ban comes after a Guangzhou Asian Games gold medalist rower revealed on Sina Weibo that lean meat powder was found in pork exclusive for athletes.

Huang Wenyi—currently preparing for the London Olympics—wrote on Saturday, “Is there any food safe to eat in China?”

With the latest ban on pork, along with beef and mutton, Chinese athletes are only allowed to have chicken and fish when eating out.

Lean meat powder stimulates the adrenal glands and the nervous system. It’s harmful to humans and is prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency.


Former national basketball player Chen Kai said Chinese authorities do not care about the athletes’ health.


Chinese swimmer Ouyang Kunpeng and US swimmer Jessica Hardy were banned from the Beijing Olympics. Both failed the tests for Clenbuterol—known as lean meat powder.

In 2009, the 2008 Judo Olympic gold medalist Tong Wen was also banned for the same reason. Chinese Olympic winner in weightlifting Liao Hui may join the Clenbuterol victims’ list.


One entrepreneur wrote, “We fear to eat, fear to drink, and even fear to breathe. I don’t know how we will survive like this.”

Another wrote, “Pork is dangerous. Beef and mutton are also dangerous. Chicken is known for its high level of female hormones. Fishponds are full of antibiotics. Milk could be lethal…tell me what should I feed my child with?”

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